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IT-Systeme bei denen Du unbedingt so früh wie möglich schauen solltest ob Du Dich einloggen kannst: TU-Postfach (E-Mail) (Hinweise zum Einrichten von E-Mail), TU-Portal (tuport/SAP) (Hinweise zur Nutzung vom TU-Portal), MOSES (Hilfe zu MOSES), ISIS (moodle) (Hinweise zu ISIS)

Melde Dich bei technischen Problemen sofort beim IT-Service-Desk (weitere Kontaktmöglichkeiten).

Offizielles Programm/Official ProgramFakultät IV Orientierungswoche Wintersemester 2022/2023EECS orientation week winter semester 2022/2023Matrix-Info-Chat WiSe 2022/2023 (Mirror (readonly))

HowTU Studium | HowTU Study

HowTU Studium ist ein Vortrag zum Einstieg in den Unialltag mit Fokus auf das Studium.

HowTU Study is a session on how to get started in university life with a focus on the studying.



If you need help translating common names at the TU Berlin the English glossaries and guidelines may be useful finding the right translation.

There is also an index of all translated administrative documents by the Translation Services of TU Berlin and a list of convenience translations of the forms and notifications of decisions of the Examination Office.

There is a translated version of the Regulations Governing General Study and Examination Procedures (AllgStuPO), too. But remember: Only the German version is legally binding. There is also a short table of translated terms.